Commit together to be a sign of God’s Love.

The couple is invited to live a time of preparation and reflection on the meaning and commitment of Christian Marriage. Before setting the wedding date, it is important to meet with the responsible person. Participation in a pastoral session on marriage will be required. As everywhere in Quebec, the sacrament of marriage must be lived in places of worship recognized by the diocesan authorities, namely parish churches.

Plan to register at least 10 months in advance.

The pastoral care of Marriage

This support is offered to all couples, whether or not they have experience of living together, whether it is a blended family or whether they are already married in a civil partnership. The facilitators are sensitive and respectful of the intimacy of couples. This is why, the exchanges experienced by the couples remain private. They will never be required, in large groups, to reveal what makes them intimate. However, the facilitators hope that the experience of some can enrich, confirm and perhaps even question the progress of others.

In order to reserve a date and undertake the preliminary preparation, please contact the secretary at (450) 467-5757 or by email at