Our celebrants

Pierre Claver Nzeyimana, pastor and parish administrator

Jean Girard, assistant priest



Information updated on April 7th, 2021.

Maximum of 25 persons per celebrations authorized by Governement of Quebec. For OLGC Parish beginning on April 8th, 2021 – Maximum will be 25 persons in the Church for each celebration + 25 persons in the basement + 4 persons in the small Chapel

Inscription in a register at the church entrance. You must put your name and phone number on register. Thanks !

Sunday – 11h am Mass in English

Sunday 9h and 17h- Masses in French

Tuesday – 8h amin French

Thursday – 8 h am in French

Saturday 8h30 am in French

Saturday: 2nd and 4th of each month – Mass in Spanish at 17h00

The following instructions must be respected by each parishioner, before entering the Church:

Disinfect your hands before sitting in Church

Wear a mask during all celebration

Respect 2 meters distanciation (One in four benches open)

Please follow our indicative unidirectional arrows in the Church and stay at your place until the end of Celebration.

Collection – $$  A Basket will be placed at each exit of the Church, at the end of celebration

Utilities (toilet) is closed during celebration, or limited to emergency

The preparatory process for the first communion is postponed to a later date.

Family thrift store

The Family thrift store has reopened at regular hours

Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, 13h to 16h, Saturday, 9h to 12h

It’s time to pay your tithing. Be generous as we have to do many expensive repairs this year!

During the pandemic, you can do it by clicking on “Contribute” tab of the website

Thank you for keeping your parish alive!

Parish bulletin